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The TAMS Scholarship committee met on Thursday and Friday, May 15-16, 2014 in Austin to select the recipients for the Clara Freshour Nelson Music Scholarship for the academic year 2014-2015. Students were selected from the applicants from each of the institution types - four year state universities, four year private institutions, and two year colleges. The recipients from the four year state and four year private institutions will receive $6,000 per year and the recipient from the two year college will receive $3,000 per year. Members of the scholarship committee are Robert Tucker, TAMS President, Hardin-Simmons University, William Ballenger, TAMS Immediate Past President, Texas Tech University, David Scott, TAMS President-elect, Matt Roberson, Abilene Christian University, Four Year Private, Diana Sipes, Four Year State, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Marylynn Fletcher, Two Year College, Victoria College, and Jim Lee, Executive Director, ex officio. The following students completed their work at the two year college and the committee renewed their scholarship as they transferred to the four year university:

1. Oscar Cruz - Transferring from San Jacinto College Central to Baylor University
2. Elizabeth Wheelis - Transferring from San Jacinto College Central to Sam Houston State University

The following Four Year State University renewals:

1. Aimee Adams - Texas State University
2. Adonai Avalos - University of Texas at Brownsville
3. Jessica Boren - Texas A&M University - Commerce
4. Gregory Brigham - University of Houston
5. Alan Cabrera - University of Houston
6. Derrek Cabrera - University of Texas at San Antonio
7. Katherine Copeland - Texas Tech University
8. Cheri Crutcher - Texas Woman's University
9. Jesus Diaz - West Texas A&M University
10. Melissa Furber - Tarleton State University
11. Gabrielle Gilliam - University of North Texas
12. Lynsey Gold - Angelo State University
13. Emily Kern - University of Houston
14. Martin E. Kesuma - Texas State University
15. Ashley Morrison - Tarleton State University
16. Jessie Pagan - Texas State University
17. Oscar Rivera - University of Texas at El Paso
18. Connor Bordelon-Ross - Lamar University
19. Hyejeong Ryu - University of North Texas
20. Clarissa Salinas - University of Texas at Brownsville
21. Miranda Smith - Texas A&M University - Commerce
22. Manuel Troy Trevino - University of Texas at Brownsville
23. Sara Lindsey Vasko - University of Texas at Austin
24. Jacquelyn Vaught - Texas A&M University - Corpus Christ
25. Martin Wells - University of Houston
26. James Wilkinson - Texas Tech University

The following Four Year Private University renewals:

1. Zachary Bearden - East Texas Baptist University
2. Faith Bolin - Dallas Baptist University
3. Rawcilanne Campos - Hardin-Simmons University
4. Marguerite Green - Texas Christian University
5. Eric Heatley - Texas Christian University
6. Carla Hulcy - Texas Lutheran University
7. InSun Kim - Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
8. Clinton Perdue - Abilene Christian University
9. Hannah Strebeck - Howard Payne University
10. Sylvia Ventura - East Texas Baptist University

The committee selected the following students as new recipients for 2014-2015:

Four Year State University

1. Allison Adams - Stephen F. Austin State University
2. Samantha Arizpe - University of Houston
3. Baltazar Diaz - University of Texas Pan-American
4. Jose A, Guzman, Jr. - Texas Tech University
5. Dakota Maradiaga - Lamar University
6. Emily A. Mathews - University of Texas at El Paso
7. Paloma Pedraza - Texas A&M University - Kingsville
8. Chabely Rodriguez - University of North Texas
9. Anthony Salazar - Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
10. William Austen Whaley - Tarleton State University

Four Year Private University

1. Adrian Esquivel - Texas Lutheran University
2. Stephanie Jones - East Texas Baptist University
3. Courtney Mahoney - Lubbock Christian University

Two-Year College

1. Jackeline Ovalle - San Jacinto College Central
2. Ariana Velazco - Lone Star College - Kingwood

The following students graduated with their music degree Spring/Summer 2014:

1. Allen Andrus II - Howard Payne University
2. Mara Arredondo - Texas Tech University
3. Danielle Benitez -University of Texas at Tyler
4. David Buroker - East Texas Baptist University
5. Ann Flanagan - East Texas Baptist University
6. Aaron Hampton - Texas Christian University
7. Savanna Harberson - University of Texas at San Antonio
8. Stephen Segura - Texas Christian University

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